Photographers are often confused to be good at taking pictures of anything. At least people who know nothing of cameras. Others might be convinced the only reason photographers have good pictures is because of their nice cameras. They might say something like, “if I had that nice of a camera, I would be getting nice images too”. The truth is, photography is not simply raw talent. Often times the only way to get good is to take pictures; lot’s of pictures. It took me a while to realize that is was okay to take fifty photos and only keep one of them. The more pictures you take, the better you get at framing and knowing how to react to a “picture perfect” moment when it arrives.

But, once you get good at photography, what is next? Do you try to sell your images? Do you start your own business? These were the questions I faced until recently. I actually started taking pictures a few years back with my iPod touch. The photo quality was pretty bad, bucamera-918565_1920t a friend recommended getting an Instagram and posting on it, so I did. I realized I really enjoyed taking pictures of nature. I had just moved onto a farm with my family when I started, so there was a lot of nature to take pictures of. As I started to get better, I decided I needed to get into the world of DSLR cameras (the one’s with interchangeable lenses). I bought one and started to learn all of the basics of cameras. After about a year of this, I gathered a collection of photos I liked and started to post them on Instagram. I got a lot of likes. The only problem is, only so many people see them I needed a way to get into more people’s feed.

Section 5 of Chapter 11 of Digital Marketing Essentials talks about Instagram and how user engagement works. After observing other people on Instagram, I started to realize when people posted an artistic photo of a person, they got a lot of likes.  I was always intimidated with candid portraiture photography. I was too afraid of getting people to pose and then have the possibility of none of the photos turning out. But, I decided to face my fears and jump in. Naturally, I started with my siblings. Turns out I actually enjoy it, and it also turns out it is great for advertising. Here’s why.img_8794

When you start a photography page on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, it can be hard to get followers. Especially if you like nature photography, not everyone is into that. One really helpful strategy is to start to get people into your photos and then tag them. More likely than not, people on social media appreciate a photo of themselves if it looks professional and attractive. Knowing this, if you take a great photo of someone and tag them, they are likely to share it, or use it as a profile pic, etc. This is a really easy way to get others to see your page. Even if you have to do free photo sessions to start out, you can build a solid following of people who like your work. Pretty soon your message box will be full of people wanting to have portraits done. This happened to me. Check out my page here.

Once your page starts to grow through tagging other people, you can start to slide in your favorite nature photos. Nature fans, having already establish a relationship with you, will be more likely to interact with the post and share it. It is as simple as that. Like taking nature photos? Take pictures of people.



If you are a nature photographer, you should take pictures of people.

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