Need Followers? Make Crappy Videos.

Local artists and musicians typically are looking for a following. Whether it is a local community who appreciates their work, or an online groups who share content, artists just need people in order to make them well-known. Even just a small group of enthusiastic individuals can spread content to a vast array of others.

Today, videos make up the majority of online content. People just enjoy watching videos as a source of entertainment. Mobil devices make watching videos virtually anywhere accessible. With faster internet becoming available to the average citizen, most people have access to streaming hours of content at their discretion. With so many people watching videos, individuals who are hungry for attention jump into the online world to make their mark. There are a lot of individuals hungry for attention.

With videos holding the attention of so many, businesses have joined in on the fun. After all, video platforms such as YouTube are free to post on, providing a great opportunity for cheap advertising. Of course, businesses typically have more money to invest in high quality video production, and therefore create material which is hard to compete with for a small business or an average person. Quality, however, is not always what people are looking for. Therefor larger businesses have to be aware of what customers are looking for. The American Marketing Association has a great article on where the world of video marketing is heading towards. In Chapter 1 of Digital Marketing Essentials: A Comprehensive Digital Marketing Textbook, media was one of the main website types which used content such as videos to generate traffic for a business.

What if you are an artist or a small business looking to gain followers through video, and cannot compete with the high quality? You may just have an advantage.

My brother is a young aspiring Electronic Dance Music (EDM) artist, looking to become recognized for his music. The ultimate goal is to make money doing what he loves, which is a shared goal by many passionate artists. He has a part-time job, so he does not necessarily  need to make money for living expenses right now. However, if he wants to advance in his career he needs recognition. Creating vibrant beats and posting them on sites such as SoundCloud can help (you can check out his page here if you are curious), and is what a lot of local artists use to be discovered. Just to have somthing to aspire towards, he set a goal for himself to get at least 5,000 followers on his Facebook page. Rather than just rely on music sites to attain this goal, he set his mind to tap into the world of video. He decided to use his music abilities to create a spoof of a hit song called “Middle” by DJ SNAKE after seeing other EDM artists make spoofs of other songs. He posted the video to his Facebook Page and used $8 to boost the post to get it started, targeting a younger audience. One week later his video had 2.5 Million views. He gained 10,000 followers on his page, doubling his goal.

His video was nothing special, and was shot on a cheap point-and-shoot camera. Even though it was not particularly professional, people related to it, because a lot of popular humor floating around on the internet is shot on mobile phones. Now, cameras on phones have become exceptional over the past few years, but people still do not know how to use them well.

Here is my point: you don’t have to have a video done professionally to attract attention to it. You could be innovative and create interesting content people haven’t seen before, or you could take a concept that is already popular and run with it. Most people can tell the difference between a video done professionally, and one produced at home. Regardless of this fact, many people actually do not mind, and even prefer content made in an unprofessional fashion. If you are looking to gain followers, start by looking at the market of what is working. Explore current viral videos. Use these videos as a starting point of creating content.

My brother put a lot of time making his spoof video creative with his gifts. If you are looking to a mark with a video you should too. Just don’t get discouraged because you can’t make a video with professional quality. The market isn’t expecting you too, and you shouldn’t either.


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